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Above Suspicion Movie Review above suspicion movie review

First of all, “Above Suspicion” stands out as a movie that promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats in the genre of criminal thrillers. This film, which was directed by Phillip Noyce, is based on the actual account of one of the most well-known crimes in FBI history. Does it, however, provide the drama and tension that aficionados of the genre long for? Let’s examine the specifics.

Plot Summary

The terrifying story of Susan Smith, a young woman from a small Kentucky village who turns informant for the FBI, is told in “Above Suspicion.” The story takes a sinister turn when she starts an illicit relationship with an FBI agent, which sets off a disastrous chain of events. A neighborhood afflicted by drug addiction and poverty serves as the setting for the film’s exploration of themes of betrayal, power, and despair.

Character Evaluation

Emilia Clarke’s Susan Smith

In a compelling portrayal, Clarke shows Smith to be both deceptive and susceptible. She captures the complexity of a woman torn between her desires and reality with a nuanced representation.

Jack Huston’s actor Mark Putnam

Huston does an excellent job portraying the driven FBI agent. He expertly captures Putnam’s inner turmoil as he juggles his obligations to his job and his desires for personal fulfillment.

Direction and Cinematography

The film is directed with brutal realism by Philip Noyce. The harsh photography captures the desolation of the Appalachian environment. Noyce gives an honest and unvarnished account of the lives of the characters, not sugarcoating the harsher parts of the narrative.

Score and Soundtrack

With a score that highlights the suspenseful parts of the movie, the soundtrack ups the tension even further. The choice of music is appropriate, adding to the overall mood without overpowering the individual scenes.

In conclusion

viewers of true crime dramas will find “Above Suspicion” to be a compelling movie. It’s a compelling story about how ambition may be the cause of one’s demise and how morality can become dangerously hazy. It might not be a groundbreaking work in the genre, but with its impressive performances and gripping narrative, it remains a worthy addition.


Is the plot of “Above Suspicion” based on fact? The movie is based on the real account of the first FBI agent to be found guilty of murder.

Who ought to see “Above Suspicion”? Fans of true crime stories, criminal dramas, and Emilia Clarke and Jack Huston performances should check it out.

What distinguishes “Above Suspicion” from other thrillers about crime? The film stands out from made-up criminal thrillers because of its authentic storyline and unvarnished character portrayal.

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