Anyone But You Movie Review: A Modern Take on Classic Romance 2023

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Overview Anyone But You Movie Review

“Anyone But You” shines as a ray of hope for romantic comedies in a world where they appear to be hard to come by. Starring Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney, the film is a modern take on Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing,” directed by Will Gluck and co-written by Ilana Wolpert. This tale has the potential to bring back the romance, humor, and charm of the rom-com for contemporary viewers.

The Plot Thickens Anyone But You Movie Review

“Anyone But You” introduces us to Sydney Sweeney’s Bea, a law student at a turning point in her life, and Glen Powell’s Ben, a brooding finance guy. Their initial meet-cute turns into a frenzy of grilled cheese and deep talks, but miscommunications and heartache soon follow. As luck would have it, they end up together once more at an Australian destination wedding, where they have to work through their emotions amid humorous shenanigans and family strife.

Personalities and Interaction

The strong chemistry that exists between Powell and Sweeney is essential to the movie’s success. While Sweeney’s portrayal has a depth reminiscent of Melanie Griffith’s early work, Powell’s is compared to Kurt Russell’s charming roles. Though the supporting cast—which includes GaTa and Alexandra Shipp—adds depth to the story, the stars steal the show with their captivating charisma.

Guidance and Fashion

Will Gluck’s direction keeps “Anyone But You” faithful to the core of Shakespeare’s story while giving it a sleek, contemporary vibe. The film’s visual style, along with its witty banter and realistic issues, produce a rom-com that manages to feel both new and old.

In summary

“Anyone But You” sticks out as a meaningful romantic comedy. The film portrays love, vulnerability, and the bravery to be oneself in a way that not only entertains but also strikes a chord with its viewers. For those who are hoping for a contemporary love story, it is a must-watch.


Should I watch “Anyone But You”? Definitely, particularly in the case that you enjoy modern-day romantic comedies.

In what ways does the movie adapt “Much Ado About Nothing” by Shakespeare? The film keeps the essential elements of the original plot while placing the classic play in a contemporary setting and emphasizing contemporary themes and character dynamics.

Does Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell have a strong relationship on screen? Without a doubt, their chemistry makes the romantic and humorous parts of the movie come to life.

Does “Anyone But You” represent a comeback of sorts for the romantic comedy genre? A lot of reviews agree, applauding the movie for its charm, humor, and novel take on romance.

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