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Overview Apex Entertainment Virginia Beach Photo Apex Entertainment Virginia Beach Photo

Greetings from the best place in Virginia Beach to have fun and excitement! Apex Entertainment is an experience that welcomes people of all ages and tastes, not just a location. Apex Entertainment has something for everyone, whether you’re planning a corporate event, a romantic night, or a family outing. We’ll explore Apex Entertainment’s colorful photo gallery virtually in this blog post and see why it’s the buzz of the town.

Games, Bowling, and More

In the center of Virginia Beach’s downtown, Apex Entertainment offers an amazing 85,000 square feet of nonstop excitement1. There are 24 lanes for bowling, so you can play nice or just take in the fun atmosphere. With more than 95 games, ranging from the newest high-tech titles to beloved classics, the arcade is a gamer’s dream come true.

Laser Tag with Virtual Reality

Experience VR like never before with Apex’s incredibly lifelike experiences. You will be amazed by this immersive experience. The four thousand square foot laser tag arena is your battlefield if you’re ready for more action. Avoid lasers, work as a team to strategize, and win!

Apex Entertainment Brings Virtual Reality and Laser Tag Together

The Arena:
Size: An expansive dynamic play space spanning 4,000 square feet.

Theme: Multilevel constructions, futuristic, and immersive.

The Event:
VR Hyper-Realistic: Immerse yourself in exciting virtual environments.
Team Play: Form alliances or engage in rivalry with friends.

The Fun: More than 95 arcade games and other attractions provide a Variety.
Accessibility: Suitable for different group sizes and enjoyable for all ages.

The Site:
Address: Virginia Beach, VA, 23462, 4621 Columbus St., 100.
Contact Information: (757) 678-8666.

Special Events and Escape Rooms

Take on a mental challenge in one of Apex’s three beautifully constructed escape rooms. It’s the ideal approach to strengthen friendships and put your problem-solving abilities to the test. Apex is the perfect location for special events as well, providing one-of-a-kind activities like go-kart racing and the Dark Ride.

In summary

Apex Amusement It’s at Virginia Beach where people create memories. It’s a wonderful palace with surprises around every corner. Entertainment options abound, ranging from escape rooms to laser tag to bowling. The pictures don’t do the happiness and excitement that awaits justice—it’s the ideal getaway from the everyday.


What are Apex Entertainment’s hours of operation? Apex Entertainment is open on Mondays from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM, with different hours during the week. Please visit their official website for the most recent and accurate information.

Is Apex Entertainment appropriate for younger audiences? Definitely! Apex provides a range of kid-friendly attractions and even runs special deals like the Kids Pick 3, which allows kids 12 and under to select three attractions and receive a free kids meal.

Is it possible for me to hold a private event at Apex Entertainment? Apex Entertainment does indeed offer adaptable venues for all kinds of private gatherings, such as Christmas parties, worker appreciation events, and corporate team building. They provide a little extra to elevate your event to a remarkable level.

Are there any exclusive offers or campaigns going on? Apex Entertainment regularly offers exclusive deals, including the Go-Kart 3 Pack, which allows you to purchase two races and receive a third one free. See their website frequently for the most recent promotions.

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