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Overview Berlin Raceway and Entertainment Complex

Berlin Raceway & Entertainment Complex embodies the spirit of speed, competitiveness, and entertainment; it’s more than just a place to be. This 7/16-mile asphalt oval racecourse, which is tucked away near Marne, Michigan, is a popular destination for action-packed thrills and family entertainment.

A Racing Legacy Berlin Raceway and Entertainment Complex

Berlin Raceway has a rich history, equal to the terrain it is built upon. Chester Mysliwiec founded the racecourse in 1950, and since then, it has witnessed innumerable laps, victories, and festivities. Legends are created there, and racing is still very much a thing.

Contemporary Gladiators

Berlin Raceway’s weekly races, “Modern-Day Gladiators,” are evidence of car racing’s ongoing appeal. The track hosts a range of racing events for all racing aficionados as part of the NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series. There’s never a dull moment on this historic circuit, from the sound of the motors to the applause of the spectators.

Past the Oval

There is something for everyone thanks to Berlin Raceway’s conversion into an entertainment complex, Beyond the Oval. The facility has increased the variety of events it offers by adding activities other than traditional racing, such as monster truck rallies, concerts, and conventions.

Fun for the Family

The complex takes great pleasure in being a family-friendly location. It’s the ideal location for a weekend getaway with events and activities suitable for all ages. The upgrades to the facilities have improved the visitor experience and made each visit unforgettable.

The Hub for Entertainment

The complex hosts large-scale events such as concerts and festivals in addition to races. It is a hub of culture that unites individuals from many backgrounds. Fun for the Whole Family, The complex has a range of family-friendly events in addition to the races. There is something for everyone to enjoy, including food vendors, interactive exhibitions, and kid-friendly zones.

Contemporary Amenities and Facilities

Berlin Raceway has reached new heights with recent improvements. Visitors may enjoy events in comfort and style thanks to modern facilities, enhanced seating, and greater visibility.

The Lounge on the Left Turn

The Left Turn Lounge, where competitors and spectators can relax and socialize, is the center of the complex. With its contemporary picnic tables, fully stocked bar, and outdoor terrace, it’s the perfect place to wind down after a thrilling day of racing or just hang out with other enthusiasts.

In summary

Berlin Raceway and Entertainment Complex is an unforgettable experience rather than merely a place to visit. Whether you’re a devoted race fan or just looking for a pleasant family outing, this complex guarantees plenty of entertainment and excitement.


What kinds of racing competitions does Berlin Raceway host? A range of racing activities, such as sprint car races, stock car races, and themed racing evenings, are to be expected.

Is the complex appropriate for kids? Definitely! The complex is a family-friendly location since it provides a range of kid-focused activities and spaces.

Can I have private parties at the racecourse? The complex is equipped to accommodate private gatherings. To learn more about reservations and services, get in touch with the administration.

Are there options for food and drink available? There are plenty of food vendors and drink selections to suit any palate during the festivities.

In what way can I buy tickets? Depending on availability, tickets can be bought at the gate on event days or via the official Berlin Raceway website.

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