Black Sands Entertainment: Unveiling the Power of Representation Better 2016

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Overview Black Sands Entertainment

A beacon of representation in a world where diversity in the media is more important than ever is Black Sands Entertainment. This creative company was established in 2016 and has made a name for itself by using comics and anime to tell stories of empowerment and African historical achievements.

The Black Sands Mission black sands entertainment

Black Sands Entertainment is a movement as well as a publisher. For more than five years, the business has been challenging the conventional Hollywood narrative intending to celebrate proud history and legends. Their dedication to creating content that appeals to young people and the community has resulted in a successful track record.

Black Sands Entertainment

Founded in 2016 is a US-based entertainment company with its headquarters located in Columbia, Maryland. The privately held business is most known for publishing comic books and creating animated short films at Black Sands Studios. Established in 2016, it is owned by Manuel Godoy and his spouse Geiszel, who writes and produces comic books with a focus on African mythology, Afrofuturistic titles, and children’s and adult education. The goal is to establish a Black-owned entertainment media business that can provide Black customers with a wide range of content.

Black Sands publishes a variety of Afrofuturist-themed graphic novels and comics, frequently classified as non-fictional or fictitious. They also republish Afrofuturist comic book publications.

A Novel Era in Narrative

The core of Black Sands’ popularity is its distinct storytelling style. They bring a novel viewpoint to the entertainment business by focusing on Black personalities and storylines. They are known for their flagship series, which is based in ancient Africa and chronicles the path of a prince who would lead the country of Kemet. It is similar to popular shows as “Avatar: The Last Airbender”.

Past Events

Manuel Godoy, the company’s creator and CEO, founded Black Sands Entertainment in 2016 intending to publish independent comics by Black artists about Black people for Black families, with an emphasis on stories from pre-slavery Africa. The company’s first publication was a video game called Kids 2 Kings. This was the initial name; however, Godoy switched to comic books when Black Sands invested $20,000 in it and the game’s creation failed. To produce comic books, Black Sands launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2017 and raised $20,000. However, Black Sands Entertainment is evolving into a publishing house as a result of the independent success of its games.

In 2017, the business produced Black Sands

The Seven Kingdoms. Manuel Godoy invented the character Ausar, which is partially based on the Egyptian god Ausar. The comic takes place during the age of gods and tales. Among the four royal children endowed with superpowers is Ausar. They set out on a quest to undermine the cunning schemes of the formidable Sumerian deity Marduk and demonstrate their capacity to govern as kings and queens! The children’s book Mori’s Family Adventures was then published by Geiszel in November 2017. The show will center on a black American family that travels the globe together, seeing amazing places and going on exciting adventures. The original publication was centered in South Africa. Manuel then published the comic Cosmic Girls in January 2019.

The Impact of Shark Tanks

The appearance of Black Sands Entertainment on “Shark Tank” was a noteworthy achievement. They partnered with Hartbeat Productions to develop their properties for cinema and television in addition to striking deals with Mark Cuban and Kevin Hart. Through this partnership, Black Sands hopes to solidify its position and reach a wider audience.

In summary

Beyond merely being a publisher, Black Sands Entertainment is a trailblazing force in the comic book and anime industries. They are constructing a future in which all voices can be heard and appreciated by celebrating African history and promoting representation.


Black Sands Entertainment: What is it? Publisher Black Sands Entertainment produces comic books and anime that honor African history and give back to the community.

What distinguishes Black Sands in the entertainment sector? They stand out for their emphasis on historical accuracy and Black individuals, giving voice to topics that are frequently ignored in popular media.

What is the influence of “Shark Tank” on Black Sands Entertainment? Black Sands’s profile and subsequent collaboration with Kevin Hart’s Hartbeat Productions have elevated the company to unprecedented levels of representation and storytelling.

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