Counter-Strike 2 SMG Tier List 

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By Smharun121

One key weapon class for aggressive play in CS2 is the Submachine Gun (SMG). Here’s an unofficial CS2 SMG tier list to help you choose the right tool for the job in close-quarter combat.

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S Tier: Close-Quarters Kings

  • MP5: The MP5 is known for its rate of fire, respectable damage output, and remarkable precision for a CS2 submachine gun. With its recoil, it handles like a dream in hands. This makes it perfect for taking down foes up close. It is also affordable. And its ammunition can be found easily too. 

A Tier: Well-Rounded Choices

  • UMP-45: Offering a rounded combination of fire rate, damage, and accuracy, the UMP-45 may not match the CS2 MP5 speed. But it still packs a punch that works well even at slightly longer distances. 
  • P90: The P90 has a 50-round magazine capacity. Thanks to this, you can fire several bullets at your targets without worrying about reloading quickly. Its drawbacks are that its high fire rate reduces its control. So, you will have to spend a few days with it before you can properly control it. The CS2 P90 is a CT favorite due to its affordability and ammo capacity.

B Tier: Situational Specialists

  • MP7: This SMG boasts an impressively high rate of fire, even surpassing the MP5. However, the trade-off is significant recoil. The MP7 excels in situations where you need to dump a magazine quickly at point-blank range. Its high cost makes it a less common pick.
  • MAC-10: With its mix of fire rate and decent damage output the, MAC-10 stands out. Yet its accuracy falls short of expectations while controlling its recoil can be tricky. This submachine gun is a rewarding option for players skilled at burst firing in quarters.

C Tier: Niche Options

  • PP-Bizon: Equipped with a 64-round magazine capacity, this submachine gun has the potential for spray-downs. Unfortunately, the low damage and significant recoil of this weapon make it less efficient when compared to SMGs.
  • MP5-SD: The MP5 SD, a silenced variant of the MP5 provides capabilities, and sacrifices a bit of fire rate and damage. While the silencer could have its advantages in some situations, the overall performance doesn’t quite measure up to the MP5.

Important Considerations

This tier list is a general guideline and the “best” SMG depends on your CS2 playstyle and situation. Here are some extra factors to think about:

  • Playstyle: Players with an aggressive playstyle may lean towards the high fire rate of the P90 or MP7, whereas those who prefer controlled bursts might choose between the MP5 or UMP 45.
  • Team Economy: If your team is struggling financially, consider the affordable MP5 or P90.
  • Map Design: CS2 Maps with tight corridors favor SMGs with high fire rates, while open areas might benefit from the slightly longer-range capabilities of the UMP-45.

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