The Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Entertainment Center for 65-inch TV

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Overview Entertainment Center for 65-inch TV Entertainment Center for 65-inch TV

It’s more crucial than ever to choose the ideal entertainment center for your 65-inch TV since TVs are becoming bigger and more prominent in our living rooms. It must sustain the weight and size of your TV in addition to looking good and fitting in with the design of your room and all of your multimedia equipment.

What is currently the finest 65-inch television?

My top pick for the majority of people this year among 65-inch TVs is the TCL QM8 series, which I tested and found to be among the finest value models (2023). In addition to having all the capabilities you need in contemporary television, such as variable refresh rate and 4K/120Hz input to maximize the performance of consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X, the QM8 boasts excellent overall picture quality at a reasonable price. My recommendation for a 65-inch TV to a friend is the TCL QM8 series.

Still, there are plenty of other fantastic options available, particularly if you’re looking for a TV that’s smaller than 65 inches. Consequently, even though the QM8 is currently my first choice for most people,

Recognizing the Dimensions

It’s important to know the size of your TV and the area where you plan to put the entertainment center before you go shopping. You’ll need a device that’s at least 60 inches wide to ensure a comfortable fit because a 65-inch TV normally measures about 57 inches wide by 33 inches high.

Design and Usability

There are many different types of entertainment centers, ranging from classic oak pieces to sleek, contemporary stands. To get the best experience, take into account the following features:

Cable management: To keep cords neat and hidden, look for apartments with integrated cable management systems.
Storage: You’ll need plenty of room to store your Blu-ray player, gaming consoles, and movie collection.
Ventilation: Enough ventilation will keep the heat from building up on your electronics.

Substance Matters

Your entertainment center’s material choice affects both its appearance and robustness. Popular choices include:

Wood: Provides a timeless appearance and robust structure.
Glass and metal: Gives off a modern vibe and helps elongate compact spaces.
Particle Board: An inexpensive alternative available in a range of finishes.

Prioritising safety

An entertainment center with rounded corners and the option to mount it to the wall to prevent tipping should be taken into consideration if you have kids or pets.

In summary

Your entertainment center is a piece of furniture that may improve the look of your house and offer useful storage in addition to being a TV stand. Make intelligent decisions to design a peaceful, well-organized entertaining area.


What is the recommended height for a recreation center? When seated, the center of your TV should be at eye level. Usually, this is about 42 inches above the ground.

Is it possible to place a TV atop an entertainment center? A lot of entertainment centers do have mounting brackets. Make sure it is rated according to the TV’s weight.

How can I guard against wear and tear in my entertainment center? Dust it frequently, keep it out of direct sunlight, and use coasters for drinks.

Are entertainment centers made specifically to fit in corners? Corner units are available and are an excellent way to save space in smaller spaces.

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