Everything You Need to Know About Sports Betting IDs

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Sports betting has rapidly grown due to the increase in the number of states that have legalized and have put into law the activity. However, to bet you must be legally allowed to and this means creating an account for sports betting and going through a process of identification and other checks that will prove you are of the approved legal age. Here in this guide, you will find out all the basic things you need to know about sports betting ID, why you need them, what details are required for this, the top service providers for the sports betting IDs, and how you can get your account created.

Why is it necessary to have sports betting ID?

Though offshore sportsbooks are banned and therefore offer no protection in terms of legal age or otherwise to any form of bet, legal operators in the US state have standardized procedures that involve everyone providing identification before placing a bet. Nevertheless, the participants must be of a legal drinking age, which means they must be over twenty-one years old, and they will have to produce an identity card to confirm this. 

They also have to safeguard against this kind of fraud, money laundering and, for instance, a person opening many accounts with different names. Such problems are solved, and sports betting stays safe and fair for all players, which requires an official ID.

To get verified, sports betting sites require you to submit details like:

– Full legal name

– Physical address

– Date of birth

You will also have to submit images of one or more forms of ID, such as:

– Driver’s license

– Passport  

– Military ID

– Photo identification card

Some states may require other documents, however, for the most part; all sportsbooks accept an official ID showing your name, photo, and date of birth from an authorized government agency.  

Instead of sending the ID directly, most players are fine with using a third-party verification option. These ID providers ease the process through the provision of an online platform for the capture and validation of documents on your behalf.

The best sports betting ID sites include:

– ID. me: Currently, it is considered to be the most suitable and highly-approved verification service among the dozens of available sportsbooks. In terms of efficiency, the combination of both features is beneficial for bettors since ID. It is fast and reliable.

– ItsMyID: Regarded by industry leaders, such as DraftKings and FanDuel, ItsMyID enables swift identification confirmation and always has a dedicated team eager to help.

– BetConfirmed: Developed for use in sports betting only, BetConfirmed offers fast verification and a high level of security for the users’ information.

It is crucial to get verified by an ID provider for both new and existing accounts. Here is how to do it.  

Here is the basic process to get verified using a third-party service like ID. me or ItsMyID:

  1. Select your state and sportsbook: Before you start betting on sporting events check your local laws to ensure that it is legal and then choose your betting site to register an account.  
  2. Choose verification method: Go to the identification section and click the option that says you want to verify your ID through the provider of your choice.
  3. Create an account: For first-time users, type in the email address you want to use for the site, and create a password, then type in your name, and date of birth.  
  4. Upload ID image: The image should be of your driver’s license, passport, or any other photo ID that is valid and recognized by our system; you can use your phone camera or the computer webcam to take a clear shot of it.
  5. Confirm email address: To continue with the session, the user is expected to check their email inbox for a confirmation link to confirm the email address and subsequently log back in.
  6. Check verification status: Please allow 1-2 days for your documents to be cross-checked and verified before account activation for the sportsbook.

After the provider sends a notification that the identity has been successfully verified, you can move forward to deposit your money and legally bet on sports through an app or computer.   


It starts by ensuring that the customer provides all the relevant identification to legalize sports betting. Although the handing over of personal information may prove to be cumbersome, there are some reputed ID verification services such as the best online sports betting ID provider– me ItsMyID and BetConfirmed these make it quite simple and highly secure. So that is all that there is to know about Sports Betting IDs: Create your account via a reliable site, scan in your papers, and go ahead and bet on your preferred teams without worrying about getting scammed.

It is in the best interest of both the consumer as well as the business to ensure that bettors are of legal age, valid ID check will help to eliminate any problem that might arise from underage gambling, fake accounts and other related concerns that may threaten legal sports betting. Currently, most sportsbooks commonly use third-party processors that independently check government-issued identification and other information provided by bettors. 

What may differ from state to state are the basic IDs that are needed for betting, which may include one’s full name, date of birth and physical address. The type of official ID that can be used to take a photograph includes a driver’s license, passport or military card. Through proper selection of the verification provider and compliance with the requirements of the legitimate ID, the bettors can go through the identification phase, which is required to register a sports betting account. While identity confirmation has now become standard across legal markets, sports betting remain a legal, secure, and closely regulated activity for adults. Following the above rules maintains fairness is essential in any legal profession and affords essential consumer protections for all the parties involved.

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