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Overview EVO Entertainment Southlake

Welcome to Southlake, Texas’s top entertainment destination! EVO Productions Southlake Town Square is an experience that goes beyond the typical moviegoing trip; it’s more than just a theatre. EVO Entertainment is the place to be for fun-seekers of all ages because of its cutting-edge facilities, wide range of entertainment options, and dedication to providing great service.

A Cinema Like No Other EVO Entertainment Southlake

Movies Unlike Anything Else EVO Entertainment A comprehensive choice of delectable culinary options, 100% reserved seating, and luxurious recliners make Southlake Town Square the ultimate moviegoing experience. With the seats reclined and heated, you can watch the newest blockbusters on a large screen in comfort.

Games and Bowling

The good times don’t end at the cinema. Eleven lanes of bowling and more than 200 video and ticket redemption games are available at EVO Entertainment. There is a game for everyone, whether you want to play it casually or in a friendly rivalry.

A More Distinguished Eating Experience

Savor a full-service menu that offers more than just Coke and popcorn. To improve your entertainment experience, EVO Entertainment offers a contemporary lounge and full-service bar in addition to gourmet burgers and handmade pizzas.

Security and Behaviour

EVO Entertainment is committed to offering a friendly and secure atmosphere. Uninterrupted enjoyment for all guests is guaranteed by a rigorous code of conduct1. Recall that appropriate clothing is always necessary and that bringing food or beverages from outside is forbidden.

In summary

EVO Entertainment Southlake serves as a community center and a place where memories are created, not merely a venue. EVO Entertainment has everything you need, whether you’re searching for somewhere to relax, a dating night, or a family adventure.


Can I purchase tickets online? The Elevate Entertainment App can be downloaded for convenient ticket purchasing and incentives.

Does anyone have a dress code? It is true that proper clothing—including shoes and shirts—must be worn at all times.

Is there an upper age limit to enter? Adults 21 years of age or older must always accompany guests under the age of 18.

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