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In a world where media content is more readily available than ever, parents frequently struggle to decide which films are appropriate for their family. A non-profit organization called “Focus on the Family” provides a solution through its Plugged In movie review platform, which offers insights on numerous parts of films from a family-centered perspective.

Overview of the Focus on the Family Movie Review focus-on-the-family-movie-review

Focus on the Family is an American evangelical organization that was founded in 1977 and is committed to supporting and protecting families across the globe. To uphold family values, the organization examines a broad spectrum of Hollywood films in line with the beliefs of the American Christian right.

The Evaluation Procedure

Focus on the Family’s movie review division, Plugged In, divides every movie into seven main categories:

Overview: A succinct synopsis of the story and background.

Positive Elements: Draws attention to the moral principles portrayed.
Violent Content: Examines the scope and consequences of violent behaviour.
Profane or Crude Language: Describes when and how coarse language is used.
Conclusion: Recaps the film’s general family-friendliness.

Case Study: Elemental

For instance, consider Pixar’s “Elemental.” The movie chronicles the journey of two individuals, one fire and one water, as they work through their differences. While praising the redemptive themes, Plugged In’s assessment also highlights cultural issues.

In summary of Focus on the Family Movie Review

Parents looking to navigate the confusing world of contemporary film might use Focus on the Family’s movie reviews as a guide. Plugged In assists families in making well-informed decisions according with their values by offering comprehensive analyses.


How do you evaluate films on Focus on the Family? They offer a thorough description of material areas that parents could find concerning rather than a numerical grade.

Is it possible to find reviews for earlier films? Plugged In does have a huge library that include both recent and classic films.

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