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Overview Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment

Few organizations are as vibrant in the ever-changing sports and entertainment industry as Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment (HBSE). Established by trailblazers Josh Harris and David Blitzer, HBSE has quickly risen to the top of the business, establishing new benchmarks for creativity, involvement with the community, and fan experiences.

Past Events Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment

David Blitzer and Josh Harris (pictured) created HBSE in 2017.

The Prudential Centre, home of a New Jersey Devils game, is owned and operated by Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment LLC (HBSE). Senior Blackstone executive David Blitzer and Josh Harris, co-founders of Apollo Global Management, created HBSE on September 25, 2017. Earlier, the two spearheaded the purchase of the Prudential Centre and the National Hockey League’s New Jersey Devils in 2013 and the National Basketball Association’s Philadelphia 76ers in 2011.

The two acquired Dignitas, an esports organization, in 2016. In 2018, HBSE founded Elevate Sports Venture, a consultancy company that specializes in event marketing and ticketing, in collaboration with the San Francisco 49ers and Creative Artists Agency.

With funding from Fertitta Entertainment, Delaware North, and Steve Rifkind, the business acquired the esports organization Clutch Gaming in 2019 for $30 million and combined it with Dignitas to form a parent company called New Meta Entertainment. The Chase Fieldhouse, a sports complex and arena in Wilmington, Delaware, was developed with assistance from HBSE and reopened as the 76ers Fieldhouse in 2019.

In response to the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, HBSE gave millions of dollars to Newark and Philadelphia local communities. In the same year, the business committed to fighting racial inequality with a $20 million promise and recruited a chief diversity and impact officer.[9][10] In August 2021, HBSE appointed Tad Brown, a former CEO of Toyota Centre and the Houston Rockets, to the same position.

The Origin of a Massive

Co-founders Josh Harris and David Blitzer started HBSE in 2017 to change the sports and entertainment industries. With an unwavering dedication to quality and an acute sense of possibility, they established the groundwork for what would grow to be a multibillion-dollar enterprise.

An Array of Superstars

HBSE’s remarkable portfolio of properties and brands is the driving force behind its success. HBSE’s impact is seen in all major sports leagues, from the thrilling action of the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers to the intense hockey rivalry of the NHL’s New Jersey Devils. To demonstrate its broad influence in the sports industry, the business also claims ownership of the Prudential Centre, the esports organization Dignitas, and a minority interest in Joe Gibbs Racing of NASCAR.

Creativity and Effect

HBSE is about more than just owning teams and facilities; it’s about leaving a lasting impression and contributing to society. The company’s forays into technology and real estate through HBSE Real Estate and HBSE Ventures demonstrate its progressive outlook. Furthermore, its charitable endeavors and racial justice campaigns demonstrate its dedication to social responsibility.

In conclusion

Creating a Legacy There is no denying HBSE’s impact on the sports and entertainment sectors as it grows and changes. With a $11.86 billion market valuation, a history of wise investments, and community-focused programs, HBSE is not only leaving a lasting legacy for itself but also improving the lives of supporters and communities all around the world.


Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment: What is it? Renowned sports teams, arenas, and esports organizations are owned and run by HBSE, a leading provider of sports and entertainment.

Who established HBSE? In 2017, Josh Harris and David Blitzer, who combined their knowledge and love of sports and entertainment, launched HBSE.

Which sports teams and real estate does HBSE own? HBSE owns a minority interest in Joe Gibbs Racing (NASCAR), the Prudential Centre, the New Jersey Devils (NHL), Dignitas (esports), and the Philadelphia 76ers (NBA).

What does HBSE stand for? The market value of HBSE as of January 2024 is $11.86 billion.

What benefits does HBSE offer the community? HBSE is committed to improving communities via social responsibility programs, philanthropy, and bringing about good change through its platforms and brands.

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