A Spirited Journey: Haunted Mansion Movie Review 2023

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Haunted Mansion Movie ReviewHere is our assessment of “Haunted Mansion,” the newest film in the genre of paranormal comedies. This movie aims to take audiences on a spectral journey that’s funny, scary, and has a hint of heart.

Overview Haunted Mansion Movie Review

It’s a haunted mansion, boo, blah, end of story.

That’s about all there is to be said about Disney’s live-action branding opportunity “Haunted Mansion,” which is “inspired by” the same-named theme park attraction. The first of these, located in what the park’s website refers to as “Music-Lovin’ New Orleans Square,” opened its doors at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, in 1969. That is also the location of another beloved ride by guests, Pirates of the Caribbean, which inspired Disney to create a multibillion-dollar film franchise. It’s unlikely that “Haunted Mansion” will follow suit.

This is the second attraction that draws inspiration from the “Mansion.” (Disney+ is now streaming “Muppet Haunted Mansion,” a 2021 Halloween special.) Despite receiving negative reviews, Eddie Murphy’s 2003 picture “The Haunted Mansion” made millions of dollars. It was “only a matter of time before “Parking Lot: The Movie’ and “People-Mover: The Motion Picture,” New York Times critic Elvis Mitchell wrote in his review. This observation feels less humorous and more true now that this year has brought us other I.P.-based branding opportunities about all kinds of stuff, like sneakers (“Air”), games (“Tetris,” “The Super Mario Bros. Movie”), junk food (“Flamin’ Hot”), and, of course, a doll (also known as “Barbie”).

The director of the new “Haunted Mansion” is Justin Simien, whose critically acclaimed first feature film, “Dear White People” (2014), is a witty, sharply humorous satire about a political firestorm at a college. The film garnered Simien a lot of attention and inspired a successful Netflix series and book of the same name.

I hope Simien had a lot more pleasure directing “Haunted Mansion” than I did when I watched it, and that Disney gave him a lot of money to do it. It is depressing to see him directing what is essentially a feature-length Disney ad, but he manages to keep things going along, more or less, and the attractive cast delivers their best performances. I hope this is his final big studio commercial.

The Assumption

The Evers family finds themselves imprisoned in a large, eerie mansion that is haunted by spirits in the premise of “Haunted Mansion.” A blend of horror and humor, the film is meant to please viewers of all ages.

Ensemble and Performances

The film’s ensemble cast gives the oddball characters life—and an afterlife. Each performer embraces the campy humor of their ghostly personas, making the performances a highlight.

Images and Special Effects

The mansion’s gothic architecture and spooky atmosphere make it a visual feast. The live-action and otherworldly aspects are expertly blended by the remarkable special effects.

Direction and Pacing

Although there are exciting moments throughout the film, some people might perceive the pacing to be erratic. But the tale is kept interesting enough by the directing to keep the audience interested.

In summary

One of the things that make “Haunted Mansion” so charming is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s a fun adventure through a haunted house that has plenty of thrills and laughter to make it worth seeing.


Is “Haunted Mansion” appropriate for younger audiences? Despite having some scary moments, the film is intended to be family-friendly.

Do any performances in the movie stick out in particular? The whole group gives a great performance, but the ghosts’ outrageous antics steal the show.

How does the film strike a balance between humor and terror? “Haunted Mansion” has a stronger comedic bent, with the horror aspects serving as a backdrop.

Are there any scenes that stand out? The dinner scene including the spirits and the Evers family is a visually striking and humorous sequence.

Would you suggest “Haunted Mansion” to others? “Haunted Mansion” is a fantastic choice for a fun and creepy family movie night.

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