Reliving the Classics: The LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System Experience 71374

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Introduction The LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System

Even while digital entertainment is always changing, there’s always a strong sense of nostalgia for the oldies that helped to define the gaming industry. In addition to providing a creative building experience and a trip down memory lane, the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment SystemTM (NES) serves as a bridge connecting the past and the present.

Opening the Past

You are instantly taken back to the 1980s when you hold the LEGO NES box. With its nostalgic style and promise of an immersive building experience, the package pays homage to the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

The Set
An enormous collection of LEGO bricks, along with a controller, game pack, and vintage TV, are waiting to be put together to create the recognizable NES console. With features like an opening slot for the Game Pak and a controller with a connecting cord and connector, the level of attention to detail is amazing.

The Construction
Building something with complex systems that mimic the NES’s operation is a wonderful challenge. You’ll be astounded by the creativity of LEGO designers who were able to recreate the spirit of the NES in brick form.


An exclusive component of the set is an 8-bit Mario tile with a single stud on the back that allows it to adhere precisely how the set wants. It’s a cute little accessory that matches the Super Mario Bros. design wonderfully, but it’s probably not very useful outside of this model.

In addition, 1×1 elements stand in for some of Mari’s abilities and his adversaries. Included are Goombas, a Super Mushroom, and Red Shells, all of which have an 8-bit aesthetic. Even better, there are a few spares, so you may change the route or use them for something else besides the set. It’s a pity the LEGO Group hasn’t issued a DOTS-style bag of these adorable 1x1s yet, considering they are in production.

A Detour Through Time

The LEGO NES is more than simply a showpiece once it is put together. It’s interactive, like the original Super Mario Bros.TM game, with a crank on the TV that scrolls a LEGO Mario across the screen. It serves as a tangible memento of the many hours spent exploring Mushroom Kingdom.

In summary

The LEGO Nintendo Entertainment SystemTM is proof of the timeless appeal of vintage video games. This set is appealing to both adult LEGO enthusiasts (AFOLs) and those who spent their childhoods playing with controllers. This model is more than just a plaything; it’s a historical artifact, a topic of discussion, and a work of art.


Can one play the LEGO NES in the same way as the original system? The LEGO NES has interactive features like a scrolling screen and a Game Pak that can be inserted and locked into place, even if it isn’t a real game machine.

What is the estimated duration required to assemble the LEGO NES set? Depending on your level of skill in building LEGO sets, the build time can vary greatly, but it usually takes 8 to 10 hours to finish.

Can I link my LEGO Mario from the Starter Course kit to my LEGO NES? The LEGO Mario figure, when placed on top of the TV, responds to adversaries and power-ups on screen; yes, the LEGO NES is made to function with it.

Is this set appropriate for younger users? Because of its intricacy and nostalgic appeal, the LEGO NES set is touted. It’s perfect for older kids or adults who love vintage video games and LEGO construction kits.

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