Mangalavaaram Movie Review: A Twisted Tale of Mystery and Morality 2023

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Overview Mangalavaaram Movie Review Mangalavaaram Movie Review

A new thriller that is upending genre standards has surfaced in Telugu movies. Ajay Bhupathi’s historical thriller “Mangalavaaram” is sure to captivate viewers with its complex storyline and poignant drama. Filmed in a rural village setting, it is a story about morals, faith, and relationships.

Overview of the Plot

The narrative takes place in Mahalakshmipuram, a community where Tuesday fatalities are reported to be mysterious. The names of the victims are discovered scrawled on the village walls, and it is suspected that they are in illegal relationships. Maya, the new police officer, adds a new angle to the inquiry as the story develops. Her face is damaged, but her soul is unbroken, she explores the dark mysteries of the village.

Personas and Acts

In the pivotal role of Shailaja, Payal Rajput gives a portrayal that fully encapsulates the nuanced history of the character. The film’s tense atmosphere is enhanced by the supporting ensemble, which includes Nandita Shwetha and Chaitanya Krishna. Each character adds layers to the mystery that is gradually revealed.

Scenery Components

The film’s mood is established by Ajaneesh Loknath’s folk-contemporary soundtrack, while Dasaradhi Shivendra’s photography renders the village in flamboyant red and orange tones. These components work together to produce an audio and visual experience that enhances the melancholy atmosphere of the movie.


“Mangalavaaram” tries to be the poignant drama it wants to be while being full of turns and turns. The narrative of the first half of the movie is criticized for being erratic and lacking intensity. But the second part quickens the pacing, revealing important turns and exploring the protagonist’s past.

In summary

“Mangalavaaram” is a movie that aims to defy conventions with its original idea and narrative. For those looking for a combination of mystery and drama, it provides a satisfying thriller experience despite certain shortcomings.


What is Mangalavaaram’s main idea? The main theme centers on unexplained deaths in a small village that are connected to moral judgments.

What role does the music have in the movie? Ajaneesh Loknath’s music elevates the ambiance of the movie by combining folk and modern songs to magnify each emotion.

What are the film’s criticisms? The first half’s uneven narrative and lack of tension have drawn criticism, but the second half gets better with important story developments.

Does Mangalavaaram merit viewing? A movie with a complicated story and a rural setting, “Mangalavaaram” is an interesting picture for fans of the thriller genre, despite its flaws.

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