Pathu Thala Movie Review: A Gritty Tale of Power and Betrayal 2023

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Pathu Thala movie review

The gangster movie Pathu Thala, which is a Tamil adaptation of the Kannada blockbuster Mufti, has been making waves in the South Indian film industry. With Gautham Karthik and Silambarasan TR in the lead roles, Obeli N. Krishna’s movie promises an exciting journey into the sand-mining mafia’s dark side of Nagercoil.

Overview of the Plot Pathu thala movie review

The protagonist of the tale is an undercover police officer named Shakthivel (Gautham Karthik), who is tasked with solving the mystery surrounding the disappearance of a well-known person. His inquiry takes him to the notorious mobster AGR (Silambarasan TR), who controls a large portion of the local sand mining industry. Shakthivel’s morality and resolve are put to the test as he digs further and becomes embroiled in a web of lies and disclosures.

A Critical Evaluation

Pathu Thala is notable for its powerful acting, particularly in the second part when the story becomes more focused and the drama intensifies. STR, who mostly appears after the interval, gives a striking portrayal of AGR, perfectly encapsulating the essence of a gangster divided between his protection of his people and his illegal operations.
But the movie is not without its problems. The movie’s attempt to continuously engage the viewer feels a little forced at times, and some of the opening scenes lack the power required to draw them in completely. Furthermore, the mobster as a do-gooder cliché is overdone and doesn’t offer a novel viewpoint for the genre.

Technical Details

The film’s harsh look is enhanced by the cinematography and deft editing, and the background score by AR Rahman, which punctuates the pivotal combat scene, leaves an enduring impression on viewers.

In summary Pathu Thala Movie Review

Even if Pathu Thala’s story may not be novel, it nevertheless offers a respectable amount of enjoyment, especially for STR lovers. The treachery and violence in the movie are typical of gangster films, but what makes Pathu Thala a watchable film are the performances and the post-interval drama.


Is it worthwhile to watch Pathu Thala? Definitely, especially for STR fans and those who like crime dramas.

How does the film do in terms of narrative flow? Although it occasionally finds it difficult to keep viewers’ attention, the film features several excellent scenes and performances.

Is there a deep bond between the characters in the movie? The movie makes an effort to establish a rapport, but not every audience member will be profoundly affected.

What part does AR Rahman’s soundtrack play in the movie? AR Rahman’s score heightens the film’s emotional impact and intensity, especially during the climax sequence.

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