Seven Seas Entertainment: Navigating the World of Manga and Novels

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Seven seas entertainment

Seven Seas Entertainment is a renowned publisher that focuses on providing English-speaking customers with top-quality Japanese manga, light novels, and original comics. Since its establishment in 2004, Seven Seas has been dedicated to providing fascinating narratives and breathtaking artwork. Let us explore the realm of Seven Seas Entertainment.

Manga and Light Novels: A Treasure Trove

Seven Seas specializes in the licensing and publication of Japanese manga and light novels. Regardless of whether you want thrilling action, touching romance, or chilling horror, their extensive collection has something to suit every taste.

Webtoons and Original Comics

In addition to translations, Seven Seas also creates original graphic novels and webcomics. They demonstrate a strong dedication to delivering high-quality narratives and distinctive art styles, transcending geographical boundaries.

Danmei: A Genre Worth Exploring Of Seven Seas Entertainment

If you are looking for engaging LGBTQ+ stories, Seven Seas Danmei has a diverse range of options. These stories encompass a wide range of love, including illicit loves and exciting adventures.

Ghost Ship: Mature Manga for Adult Readers

The Ghost Ship imprint specifically targets a demographic of mature male readers. Titles such as “Berserk of Gluttony” and “Do You Like Big Girls?” Challenge conventional limits by presenting sophisticated subject matter and captivating interpersonal relationships.

Recent Licenses: From Count’s Families to Beetle Hands

Seven Seas is actively increasing the range of products it offers. They just obtained the Korean novel series “Lout of Count’s Family,” which served as the inspiration for a popular webtoon. Moreover, the vividly illustrated webtoon Beetle Hands immerses readers in a harrowing odyssey where memories manifest into reality.

Seven Seas Entertainment Overview

Seven Seas Entertainment has solidified its position as a prominent force in the manga and light novel industry. Readers worldwide have favored them due to their unwavering commitment to producing high-quality material that is both diversified and engaging. Seven Seas provides diverse literary works, encompassing fantastical epics and touching romances, catering to a wide audience.

Popular Series

Manga and Light Novels

“A Certain Scientific Railgun”: An exhilarating series in a realm of extrasensory powers and complex scheming.

“Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest”: Track the progression of a high school student who transforms into a formidable adventurer.

“Alice in the Country of Hearts”: An imaginative reimagining of Lewis Carroll’s timeless story.

“Beastars”: An enthralling anthropomorphic drama delving into the intricacies of predator-prey dynamics.

Webtoons and Original Works

Seven Seas extends beyond the realm of traditional comics and light novels. They have enthusiastically adopted the internet era by creating webtoons and unique comics. Some noteworthy titles include:

“Beetle Hands”: An illustrated horror webcomic in vivid colors that brings terrifying dreams into reality.

“The Concierge at Hokkyoku Department Store”: A manga depicting the intricacies of working in a retail environment within a fantasy realm.

Danmei Imprint

Seven Seas Danmei provides content for enthusiasts of boys’ love (BL) and LGBTQ+ themes. Their works go into the realms of romance, fantasy, and adventure, captivating a wide-ranging audience.

About the Founder

Jason DeAngelis established Seven Seas Entertainment to produce unique manga in the English language. The company’s success has been greatly influenced by his fervent dedication to storytelling.

Conclusion and FAQ


Seven Seas Entertainment persistently explores the realms of imagination, delivering enthralling narratives to a global audience. Regardless of whether you are an experienced manga enthusiast or a beginner, their wide range of titles is available for you to explore.


What does “danmei” mean? 

Danmei” is a term used to describe boys’ love (BL) material in Asian media. It typically involves romantic connections between male protagonists.

Where can I find Seven Seas titles? 

You can peruse their catalog on their official website.

Are there plans for more original works?

Affirmative! Seven Seas maintains its dedication to creating innovative and captivating content.

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