Terms & Condition

Purchasing or Selling Accounts: It is not permitted for users to purchase or sell accounts on Toonstream.org

Training or Gameplay Services: Users shouldn’t do anything that requires them to give bots or other players control of their accounts in exchange for training or gameplay services.

Cashed Code Cards: Toonstream.org official code cards that have already been cashed and have unique codes for each account cannot be given to someone else.

Eligibility for Financial Assistance Programs

People can get money from the Assistance Fund to pay for things like medications, health insurance payments, basic needs, and other medical-related costs that come up.

Eligible people must follow the program’s rules, which may include taking the medications for which they get cash help.

The Assistance Fund doesn’t help people pay for health benefits that aren’t necessary or medicines that aren’t covered by their health plan.

Privacy and Data Handling:

Personal information may be gathered and used by oonstream.org. For more information, users should look at the most recent copy of the Program Terms and Conditions.

The data of users may be processed and saved all over the world.

For business reasons or legal reasons, the Assistance Fund may keep personal information after a request to delete it.