Bhola Shankar Movie Review: A Missed Opportunity in Tollywood 2023

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Overview Bhola Shankar Movie Review Bhola Shankar Movie Review

The release of “Bhola Shankar,” a film that looked to be a commercial potboiler, recently occurred in the Telugu Movie industry, which is renowned for its colorful storytelling and dynamic characters. Expectations were extremely high for this Meher Ramesh-directed film, which starred Tamannaah Bhatia, Keerthy Suresh, and the famous Chiranjeevi. Nevertheless, it appears that the movie fell short.

Overview of the Plot

In “Bhola Shankar,” an innocent man named Shankar (Chiranjeevi) and his sister Maha (Keerthy Suresh) relocate to Kolkata in pursuit of a better future. Shankar’s innocence is shown early in the movie, but as the story develops, it becomes obvious that nothing is as it seems.

Evaluation of Performance

Despite giving a strong performance, Chiranjeevi—who is well-known for his charisma and commanding presence on screen—is unable to elevate the movie. In the role of Maha, Keerthy Suresh exudes charm, while Tamannaah Bhatia, in her capacity as a criminal lawyer, amplifies her star power. Still, the performances are insufficient to win the day.

Screenplay and Direction

The fact that Meher Ramesh’s direction struggles to reconcile the film’s lighter components with its weighty subject matter has drawn criticism. The screenplay struggles to keep a balance between humor, drama, and action, veering between numerous tracks.

Cinematography and Music

Mahati Swara Sagar’s music is criticized for being mediocre and for not making an impact. Additionally unremarkable and contributing little to the telling of the plot is the cinematography.

In summary

“Bhola Shankar” is an old-fashioned muddle that makes viewers lose patience while having the potential to be an exciting action drama. The movie’s attempt to balance several tales and genres comes off as a disorganized experience that doesn’t really entertain or touch viewers emotionally.


What is “Bhola Shankar’s” central theme? Family relationships and the murky underbelly of human trafficking are important themes.

“Bhola Shankar”—is it a remake? Yes, “Vedalam,” the Tamil movie, is being remade in Telugu.

What reaction has the movie had from critics? “Bhola Shankar” has received mixed reviews from critics, with scores averaging about two stars out of five.

Is it recommended that one watch “Bhola Shankar”? There are certain things you might like if you’re a fan of the actors or the genre. But be mindful of your expectations because the story and execution of the movie are dated.

What could have been changed to make the movie better? The impact of the movie may have been greatly increased with a tighter script, greater blending of the many parts of the movie, and a contemporary interpretation of the subject.

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