Navigating the Digital Landscape of Entertainment: A Closer Look at Entertainment Partners 2

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Overview Entertainment Partners

This blog post will explore the services provided by Entertainment Partners (EP) and how they’re reshaping the entertainment production landscape. The entertainment industry is a dynamic, ever-evolving field that demands efficiency and innovation. EP is at the forefront of this industry, offering comprehensive digital solutions that streamline production processes.

Using Digital Tools to Revolutionize Production

Since 1976, Entertainment Partners has played a significant role in the entertainment sector by providing a range of digital production tools and solutions that address every stage of the production process. Productions run easily and effectively because to EP’s integrated, cloud-based digital solutions, which cover everything from production financing to production management.

Studio for Production Finance

The Production Management Studio from EP is what helps the set run smoothly every day. It offers digital solutions that cover the whole manufacturing arc, guaranteeing that no aspect is overlooked.

SmartStart: A paperless onboarding solution that helps your team prepare for production more quickly.

Smart Accounting: An comprehensive production cost management system that streamlines accounting workflows and offers robust reporting options.

Smart Time: A mobile, paperless timecard system connected with onboarding and accounting for efficient hours-to-gross calculations.

Smart PO: An instrument for precise and effective digital purchase order, invoicing, and supplier payment management.

Smart Hub: An electronic platform for managing, storing, and exchanging documents at every step of production.

Business Center

You may see a single view of all of your productions with the Enterprise Hub. With its all-digital design, it can handle several productions at once and offers unmatched supervision and control.

One business that has greatly influenced the entertainment sector is Entertainment Partners. They are renowned for developing integrated digital solutions, acquiring Central Casting, and transforming production accounting with their Smart Accounting technology.

They are experts in production management and finance with more than 40 years of expertise, providing cloud-based digital solutions for each stage of the production process. With technologies like Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling, SyncOnSet, and We Got POP, they continue to develop and have assisted a wide spectrum of projects, from independent films to Hollywood blockbusters.

To provide ease and security for professionals in the sector, they also offer a free portal called My EP where crew members can access pay information, set up direct deposit, and more.

Observational Solutions

Making decisions based on data is essential in the current production environment. The payroll knowledge and insights provided by EP’s Insight Solutions are crucial for predicting and budgeting.

Gaining Proficiency in Production Art

EP aims to empower and educate the sector in addition to offering resources. Their Master Series events are intended to dispel the misconceptions around co-production, address compliance concerns, and offer payroll insights for successful budgeting.

EP in the News

With their creative methods and industry achievements, Entertainment Partners never fails to make news. EP is a ray of hope and progressive thinking in the entertainment industry, from financing aspiring assistant directors and floor managers to providing analysis of Japan’s most recent film tax breaks.

In summary Entertainment Partners

Entertainment Partners is a true partner—more than just a supplier of services. With their all-inclusive digital solutions and dedication to innovation, EP is facilitating the smooth and effective navigation of the digital landscape for the entertainment sector.


What kinds of services is Entertainment Partners providing? EP provides the entertainment sector with digital solutions for enterprise hubs, production finance, production management, and intelligence.

What is the duration of Entertainment Partners’ industry experience? Since joining the entertainment sector in 1976, EP has changed to accommodate the sector’s shifting demands.

Are EP’s services available for usage in foreign productions? Absolutely, EP offers resources and expertise to support productions everywhere in the world.

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