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Overview HIT Entertainment

High-quality kid’s entertainment is closely associated with the term HIT Entertainment. HIT, which is well-known for producing and disseminating interesting content, has influenced countless childhoods all over the world. We’ll explore this entertainment powerhouse’s past, present, and future in this blog post.

HIT Entertainment’s Inception

Henson International Television was the original name of HIT Entertainment in the late 1980s. It was first established to export Jim Henson’s performances. But before long, it added original material to its repertoire and made acquisitions, growing to become a major force in the kids’ entertainment sector.

Renowned for producing and distributing hit kids’ shows including “Thomas & Friends,” “Bob the Builder,” and “Barney & Friends,” is HIT Entertainment. These programs not only established themselves as mainstays in kid’s entertainment but also developed into lucrative toy, book, and live event franchises.

The company’s strategic alliances and acquisitions, which enabled it to establish a dominant position in the international market, are responsible for its rise. HIT Entertainment continued to add new shows and characters to its roster as it was listed on the London Stock Exchange in the early 2000s.

Following its acquisition by the private equity firm Apax Partners in 2005, HIT Entertainment saw more growth and new content production. Eventually, in 2012, the massive toy manufacturer Mattel purchased HIT Entertainment, incorporating its assets into Mattel’s brands and bolstering the company’s position in the kids’ entertainment market.

Classic Characters and Series

Thomas and Associates

Thomas & Friends is a much-cherished property under HIT’s portfolio. The adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine and his pals on the Island of Sodor are chronicled in this television series, which is based on the novels written by the Rev. W. Awdry.

Bob the Construction

Another HIT classic that instills in kids the concept of teamwork is Bob the Builder. Bob and his machine crew take on a variety of building tasks and issues, focusing on the maxim “Can we solve it? Indeed, we can!

Barney and Companions

Barney is the purple dinosaur from Barney & Friends who uses music and dancing to teach people about kindness, friendship, and creativity.

Growth and Collaborations

To increase its reach, HIT Entertainment has worked with some networks and businesses. Characters from HIT have become well-known all around the world thanks to partnerships with PBS, Nickelodeon, and Mattel.


By utilizing its well-known trademarks, like Thomas & Friends, Barney, and Bob the Builder, HIT Entertainment has seen significant development.
The company has increased accessibility and interaction with its target audience by broadening its digital presence and providing content across multiple streaming platforms.HIT Entertainment’s expansion and the widespread recognition of its material are also results of its diversification into new markets and languages.


HIT Entertainment has partnered with other top players in the business to co-produce and distribute content, which has expanded its reach and allowed for the sharing of knowledge. HIT Entertainment has been able to expand its brand beyond screen time through partnerships with toy companies and other goods partners. The business has also taken part in educational projects, collaborating with educational institutions and platforms to include its characters in the curriculum.

HIT Entertainment and the Digital Era

HIT has adjusted by making its content available online in response to the emergence of streaming services and digital platforms. This change guarantees that future generations will be able to see HIT’s classic shows.

In summary

Without a doubt, HIT Entertainment has had a profound impact on children’s programming. Its dedication to producing instructive as well as entertaining programming is still resonating with viewers everywhere.


HIT Entertainment is owned by who? Mattel, Inc. presently owns HIT Entertainment, which it purchased from Apax Partners in 2012.

Is it possible to broadcast HIT Entertainment shows online? A lot of HIT Entertainment’s programming is accessible on some streaming services, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

What does HIT Entertainment’s future hold? By creating fresh material and bringing beloved properties back to life for the digital era, HIT Entertainment keeps innovating.

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