Iraivan Movie Review: A Glimpse into the Abyss of the Human Psyche 2023

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Overview Iraivan Movie Review

Storytelling has always been pushed to the limit in the Tamil cinema industry, especially in the psychological thriller genre. A more recent addition to this tradition is “Iraivan,” which promises an in-depth look into the psyche of a psychopath. Does it live up to the hype, though? Let’s investigate.

Characters and Storyline iraivan movie review

“Iraivan” presents us with Arjun, portrayed by Jayam Ravi, a police officer who frequently takes problems into his own hands and has a penchant for justice. When he encounters Brahma (Rahul Bose), a psychopath behind a string of horrific killings, his life takes a terrible turn. The story of the movie centers on Arjun’s unrelenting pursuit of Brahma, which results in a game of cat and mouse that pushes both characters to their boundaries.

Screenplay and Direction

Ahmed is the director of “Iraivan,” a film that aims to eschew the clichés of its genre. The film begins with a strong setup that promises an intense ride, but as the story progresses, the screenplay becomes a bit predictable. Nevertheless, Ahmed’s direction keeps the audience interested with well-crafted scenes and a narrative that occasionally goes against expectations.

Cinematic Performance

The second half of the movie falters and becomes quite predictable, whereas the first half of the movie is riveting and keeps audiences on the tip of their seats. Although it is admirable that the director tried to stray from conventional psycho-thriller clichés, there was room for improvement in terms of tightening up the execution to keep the tension high.

Critical Appearance

“Iraivan” has received mixed reviews from critics who have praised the performers and the film’s original structure but criticized it for being too predictable and having some weaker writing. Across several platforms, the movie has received an average rating of 2.5/5.

“Iraivan” makes an effort to explore the depths of a psychological suspense film, but its execution falls short. The film, which was directed by I. Ahmed, presents a compelling idea—a police officer who is pursuing a psychopath—but it is unable to create an engaging story. The film has strong characters, but the script falls flat, especially when it comes to giving the adversary a plausible motivation. As a result, the audience is left with an unimpressive experience.

The first setup is interesting, and Brahma is portrayed as a terrifying psycho-killer. But as the narrative progresses, the movie becomes too predictable and falls victim to the tropes that afflict this genre all too frequently. Although the antagonist’s beliefs and the dark material should have been compelling.

In summary

The movie “Iraivan” had the power to completely reinterpret the psycho-thriller subgenre in Tamil cinema. It provides an insight into the darker sides of human nature and the effects of unbridled madness, despite its flaws. “Iraivan” lacked originality and had the makings of a great psycho-thriller, but its poorer writing made it a mediocre watch in a crowded genre.


Is it worthwhile to see “Iraivan”? Despite its conflicting reviews, “Iraivan” might be worthwhile for you if you enjoy psychological thrillers and are curious to learn more about the intricacies of the human mind.

What are the principal objections to the movie? The film’s predictability and its screenplay, which some believe deteriorates in the second half and renders the movie unwatchable, are the principal points of contention.

How did the actors in “Iraivan” perform? The performances have received recognition for their depth and intensity, especially those of Jayam Ravi and Rahul Bose.

Has the filmmaker been able to eschew the clichés of the psycho-thriller? The director, I. Ahmed, has done a great job presenting a novel perspective on the genre, however the.

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