Neru Movie Review: A Legal Drama That Delivers Justice and Emotion 2024

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Overview Neru Movie Review Neru Movie Review

Malayalam films have been making a name for themselves in the Indian film industry by frequently setting standards for character development and narrative structure. The most recent addition to this distinguished list is the movie “Neru: Seeking Justice,” which has gained recognition for its compelling story and outstanding acting.

Overview of the Plot

From the very opening scene, “Neru: Seeking Justice” thrusts into the center of its story. It narrates the terrifying story of Sara, a blind girl who falls prey to a horrible crime. Sara’s other senses are highlighted when she helps the police identify her attacker, despite her impairment. The film plays out as a drama about a court procedural, with the accused’s wealth and power being pitted against a blind girl’s testimony.

Screenplay and Direction

Director of the Drishyam franchise, Jeethu Joseph, skillfully handles the directing of this judicial drama. His narrative style is elegant and dramatic, evoking strong emotions and a rush of adrenaline. Throughout the 152-minute film, the spectator is kept emotionally engaged by a taut screenplay co-written with Santhi Mayadevi.


As the lawyer Vijayamohan, who is looking for atonement, Mohanlal gives a subtle yet impactful performance. The performances of the supporting cast, which includes Siddique, Anaswara Rajan, and Priyamani, are strong and add to the emotional impact of the Neru Movie Review.

Critical Appearance

Neru Movie Review has received praise from critics for its powerful storytelling and topical subjects. The film’s capacity to keep audiences interested and emotionally invested was highlighted by The Times of India, which awarded it a 4.5/5 rating1. Despite certain expected parts, The Hindu lauded the film for its fulfilling plot and engaging idea.

In summary Neru Movie Review

Neru Movie Review is proof of Malayalam cinema’s influence. This movie not only makes you laugh, but it also makes you think and feel empathy. “Neru” is a film that anyone who likes a real-issue movie should not miss because of its exceptional legal drama and emotional depth.


What does “Neru: Seeking Justice” center around? The main plot point centers on a blind girl’s legal struggle for justice against her powerful and rich attacker.

“Neru: Seeking Justice” was directed by who? Jeethu Joseph directed the movie.

What is the critics’ opinion of the film? The film’s compelling story and outstanding performances have won praise from critics and high ratings from influential publications.

Is “Neru: Seeking Justice” appropriate for a broad audience? Viewer discretion is suggested due to its serious topics and strong courtroom drama.

Where am I able to view “Neru: Seeking Justice”? To find out what’s available in your area, please check your local listings or streaming services.

Neru: Seeking Justice Movie Review – Times of India

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