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Overview Pledis Entertainment Pledis Entertainment

Learn the history of Pledis Entertainment, the South Korean music giant that spearheaded the K-Pop movement. Pledis’s career is a monument to the strength of creativity and enthusiasm in the music business, having gone from discovering untapped talent to producing global icons.

The Origin of Greatness

Discover the modest origins of Han Sung-Soo, the dreamer of music, who launched Pledis Entertainment in 2007. Discover the idea that made Pledis stand out and how it carved out a position for itself within the cutthroat K-Pop landscape with its first musicians.

2012–2020: Development and joint ventures

Pledis released their first boy band, NU’EST, in March 2012. The agency collaborates with Fantagio, and in May 2012, Hello Venus, a six-piece girl group, made its debut. Kahi “graduated” from After School in June 2012 and proceeded to pursue her solo career with Pledis.

At a press conference dubbed “Yuehua Entertainment X Pledis” at the Beijing Banquet Hall on November 11, 2013, Pledis Entertainment and Chinese agency Yuehua Entertainment officially launched their partnership. As a result, the sub-unit NU’EST-M was formed, and Chinese member Jason Fulong Fei, also known as JA, joined. At the press conference, the six-person group gave their first performance.

The Pledis and Fantagio collaboration was dissolved on July 21, 2014. Yoo Ara and Yoonjo, the two members of Pledis, left Hello Venus, but the four members of Fantagio remained together under the same moniker. Following the expiration of her contract, Jooyeon graduated from After School in December 2014. Kahi revealed that month that she was leaving the agency.

In May 2015, the thirteen-piece boy band Seventeen made their stage debut following years of training under the organization. After eleven years, Son Dam-bi left the agency in June 2015.

2020–present: Hybe Labels, the new corporate office, and development

The purchase of a majority stake in Pledis Entertainment was formally announced by Hybe Corporation, formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment, on May 25, 2020. It was also revealed that Pledis Entertainment will continue to function as an independent label but will receive technical and financial support from Hybe Labels. The Fair Trade Commission formally approved Hybe Corp.’s acquisition of Pledis Entertainment on October 18, 2020.

Pledis Entertainment and the other labels that make up Hybe Labels relocated to the Yongsan Trade Centre, which is now home to Hybe Corporation, on March 22, 2021. Pledis Entertainment’s physical address was moved to the new building in Yongsan, Seoul, on March 31, 2021, according to the company part of the company’s official website. All 13 members of Seventeen extended their agreements with Pledis Entertainment on July 19, 2021.[35] Pledis Entertainment was to take over the group’s management after the release of their single album in May 2021. The girl group announced on August 16, 2021, that they would be managed by the agency and would be departing from Off The Record.

The Development of After School and Nu’est

Explore the triumphs of Nu’est and After School, two of the pioneering organizations that brought Pledis to light. Examine how they influenced culture, their musical genres, and how they opened doors for later performers.

Seventeen: The Automatic Production Process

Discover the background of Seventeen, the self-producing idol group whose name came to be associated with Pledis. Talk about their distinct style of music, dancing, and fan interaction that has captured the attention of audiences all across the world.

Fromis_9: The Emerging Talents

Learn about the nine-piece girl group Fromis_9, who are currently causing quite a stir in the K-Pop industry. Examine how Pledis helped them go from a reality program to being top-charting musicians.

Pledis and Hybe: A Tactical Partnership

Examine Pledis Entertainment and Hybe Corporation’s strategic alliance. Recognize how Pledis’s influence and resources have grown as a result of this cooperation, creating new chances for its artists.

Novel Approaches to Production and Management

Examine Pledis’s creative methods for producing music and managing artists. Learn how Pledis stays on the cutting edge by seeing how they embrace digital platforms and create new sounds.

In summary

Consider Pledis Entertainment’s influence on the world of music. Pledis continues to influence the direction of K-Pop with its dedication to developing talent and pushing limits.


Who was the Pledis Entertainment founder? Pledis Entertainment was started by Han Sung-Soo in 2007.

Which well-known bands are represented by Pledis Entertainment? Popular groups under Pledis include Seventeen and Fromis 9.

Is Pledis Entertainment a stand-alone record label? Pledis remains an independent label even after joining Hybe Corporation as a subsidiary.

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