Exploring the Red Cinemas Experience: Your Guide to Greensboro’s Premier Entertainment Destination

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Overview Red Cinemas

Welcome to Red Cinemas, the ultimate location for movie buffs and foodies alike, located in the dynamic hub of Greensboro’s entertainment scene. Tucked away in the heart of the Restaurant Entertainment District, Red Cinemas – Stadium 15 is a haven of fun and relaxation. Come along as we explore the world of Red Cinemas and see what makes it such a must-see location.

The Experience of Film

The moviegoing experience is reinvented at Red Cinemas. There’s something for every moviegoer with 15 cutting-edge screens showing the newest blockbusters, indie treasures, and foreign films. Every seat is the best in the house thanks to the opulent seating and stadium-style layout.

Snacking Pleasures

Red Cinemas offers a variety of eating options in addition to its silver screen. Many eateries in the area may satisfy your appetite for anything from a quick snack to a substantial dinner. Your taste buds are going to be treated to everything from gourmet burgers to exotic food.

Handmade Drinks & Additional Items

Without beverages and popcorn, what is a movie? Craft beer, exquisite wine, and artisanal espresso drinks are just a few of the premium options Red Cinemas offers to upgrade the typical concession fare. Savor your movie with a dash of class.

Menu of Handmade Drinks

Cocktails Inspired by Vintage Films

A sophisticated concoction of vodka, cranberry juice, and a dash of triple sec is called a “Red Carpet Martini.”
The Director’s Cut Daiquiri is a cool concoction of sugar, rum, and fresh lime juice that can be enjoyed frozen or on the rocks.

Signature Drinks

Stadium Spritz: A bubbly mixture of soda water, prosecco, and apricot bitters, topped with a slice of orange.
Feature Exposition Punch: A tropical concoction of coconut rum, pineapple juice, and a trace of grenadine.

Alcohol-Free Specialties

Premiere Lemonade: Made with freshly squeezed lemon juice and your choice of peach, strawberry, or raspberry infusion.
Box Office Basil Soda: A perfectly sweetened homemade soda flavored with muddled basil leaves and a touch of lime.

Additional Items

Gourmet Popcorn

Grated Parmesan: Cheese and fine truffle salt coat this flavorful alternative, which is called truffle parmesan.
Caramel Crunch: A confection covered in a layer of creamy, buttery caramel and dusted with sea salt.

Handmade Appetisers

Crispy Chickpea Bites: Baked to a wonderful crunch, seasoned with a blend of spices.
Mini Pretzel Knots: Warm, soft pretzels accompanied with a side of creamy cheese sauce or hot mustard.


Chocolate Film Reels: Sleek, sea salt-infused chocolate discs that have the look and feel of old-fashioned film reels.
Star-Studded Shortbread: Edible glitter over buttery shortbread cookies befitting celestial bodies.

Activities and Exclusive Films

Red Cinemas serves as a venue for neighborhood events and get-togethers in addition to showing films. The cinema is a flexible place for amusement because of its special screenings, film festivals, and private parties, which enhance its appeal.


Dinner and a Movie: Take in a feature film at Red Cinemas after a delicious dinner at one of the neighborhood’s eateries.

Indie Film Nights: Special screenings of independent films can help you find hidden treasures.

Family-friendly dads: Films are available, along with interactive games and activities, in the lobby on family-friendly days.

Movie Marathons: Take part in consecutive showings of your preferred film series or director’s cut films.

Virtual Reality Experiences: With VR sets throughout the entertainment area, enter the world of your favorite films.

Exclusive Motion Pictures

The Fall Guy (2024): An exciting, action-packed film that will grip you from start to finish.

The Phantom Menace: The first episode of Star Wars (1999): Enjoy a special re-screening of the epic space saga.

Barbie: Immerse yourself in the brilliant and entertaining film as you explore the colorful world of Barbie.

Blue Beetle: Take on the heroic adventures and action of the superhero Blue Beetle.

The Equaliser: Witness Denzel Washington provides yet another outstanding performance in this suspenseful action movie.

In summary

Red Cinemas – Restaurant Entertainment District – Stadium 15 is an all-encompassing entertainment destination rather than just a movie theatre. It’s the ideal spot to relax and take in the enchantment of films thanks to its opulent amenities, the wide selection of culinary options, and exciting events.


What kinds of films are available at Red Cinemas? A diverse selection of films, including foreign, indie, and blockbuster films, are shown at Red Cinemas.

Do you have any food options in the entertainment district? To fulfill any craving, numerous restaurants are serving a wide range of cuisines.

Are private events permitted at Red Cinemas? Red Cinemas offers a distinctive space for private events and screenings, yes.

Is there a rewards scheme for regular customers? Please visit Red Cinemas’ official website or get in touch with customer support for more information about rewards and membership benefits.

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