Skanda Movie Review: A Tale of Revenge and Power Play 2023

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The film “Skanda The Attacker” has become well-known for its intense drama and action sequences. The film, which is helmed by Boyapati Srinu and stars Ram Pothineni, is expected to feature a hearty menu that is characteristic of the director’s work. Let’s examine this Telugu movie theatre offering in more detail.

Overview of the Skanda Movie Review skanda movie review

The narrative is on a girl who is being held captive and her father’s frantic efforts to keep her safe. The protagonist, played by Ram Pothineni, has two goals in life: to carry out his father’s commitment and do justice to those who have been harmed. The story weaves together the lives of several characters against a background of familial ties and political rivalry.

A Critical Evaluation

Although the film has the typical flair of a Boyapati Srinu production, critics have noted that it overstretched itself. Aiming for humour, the first half takes its time building to a conclusion that appears more concerned with laying the groundwork for a potential sequel than with wrapping up the current story.The way it depicts friendship and the extent people will go to maintain it is what makes the movie so powerful.


Ram Pothineni’s performance gives the movie an extra depth of charm. The characters, particularly the female leads, are flat and lack agency; they are more like story devices than fully realised people.

Sound Design and Production

The film’s intense moments are complemented by Thaman’s score, which occasionally overpowers the picture. The director’s vision is realised with remarkable production values, as no expense has been overlooked.

In summary

The film Skanda Movie is suited for those who enjoy conventional mass entertainers. It may not offer much in the way of plot, but it does deliver the spectacle and drama that fans of this genre have been accustomed to.


Who oversaw the film “Skanda: The Attacker”? Boyapati Srinu was the film’s director.

What is “Skanda’s” central theme? The central themes are revenge and the lengths people would go to in order to keep their loved ones safe.

Has the film earned positive reviews from critics? The film’s reviews have been varied, although it is frequently criticised for being too predictable and unoriginal.

Will “Skanda” have a follow-up? The film’s conclusion does indeed hint at a possible sequel.

Is it worthwhile to watch “Skanda”? “Skanda” could be entertaining to watch if you like action-packed blockbusters. However, this might not be the movie for you if you’re searching for subtle storytelling.

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