Custody Movie Review: A Thrilling Chase of Justice and Survival 2023

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Venkat Prabhu’s action film “Custody,” which opens in 2023, transports viewers to the grim underbelly of corruption and crime with a high degree of stakes. The film offers a blend of explosive action and emotional drama, and it stars Naga Chaitanya and Aravind Swamy among others.

Overview of the Custody Movie Review
custody movie review

“Custody,” which takes place in 1998, centers on Shiva, a carefree police constable who, after apprehending a known mobster with connections to the political elite, finds himself caught in a lethal game of cat and mouse. Shiva must navigate a web of betrayal and conspiracy that threatens his very survival as he works against the clock to apprehend the criminal.

Ensemble and Performances

In his portrayal of Shiva, Naga Chaitanya masterfully conveys the spirit of a man divided between duty and love. The mobster Raju, played by Aravind Swamy, has a menacing intensity that makes him a strong adversary. With their nuanced performances, the supporting cast—Kritithi Shetty and Priyamani, among others—brings dimension to the story.

Cinematography and Direction

Venkat Prabhu’s directing is precise, maintaining a fast pace and a high level of tension. S. R. Kathir’s cinematography enhances the film’s gritty atmosphere with skillfully rendered action scenes that are both exciting and credible.

Soundtrack and Music

The renowned Ilaiyaraaja and Yuvan Shankar Raja’s soundtrack powerfully supports the story of the movie. The soundtrack combines heartfelt tunes and heart-pounding beats that perfectly complement the movie’s themes of justice and love.

Critical Appearance

Critics gave “Custody” a mixed response when it was first released. The film’s storyline and production value were criticised for falling short of its potential, despite positive reviews for the action scenes and performers. In spite of this, “Custody” provides enough excitement for viewers to stay interested.

In summary Custody Movie Review

The movie “Custody” aims to combine action with a more in-depth story. Even while it might not have been perfect, the performers and crew nevertheless deserve praise for their efforts. It provides an enjoyable viewing experience with moments of real tension and thrill for aficionados of the genre.


Who oversaw the film “Custody”? Venkat Prabhu directed the movie.

What is “Custody”‘s primary plot? Police constable tasked with escorting a criminal to court is at the centre of the plot, which centres on a scheme to kill the witness.

What was the reviewers’ reaction to the movie? Critics gave “Custody” varying reviews, with some highlighting the film’s poor execution and screenplay.

Is it worthwhile to watch the film? Despite its flaws, “Custody” can be worth your time if you like dramatic action thrillers.

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