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Overview Movie Review Examples

It can be both an art and a science to writing a convincing movie review when it comes to giving our opinions on films. Knowing the subtleties of movie reviews is important whether you’re a reviewer, a movie aficionado, or just someone who enjoys talking about movies. We’ll look at a variety of movie review samples in this blog post, which can be used as a model to create your perceptive evaluations. Let’s explore the realm of film appraisal, from captivating hooks to biting criticism.

The Review of Classic Films Movie Review Examples

A well-written movie review has a clean format that effectively conveys the reviewer’s feelings about the movie. As an excellent illustration, let’s look at Roger Ebert’s critique of the movie “North.”

Grabbing the Attention of the Audience

“I have no idea why Rob Reiner, or anyone else, wanted to make this story into a movie,” Ebert says in his opening line. Readers are intrigued and encouraged to continue reading after reading this introductory statement.

Synopsis of the Plot

In the sentence that follows, Ebert gives a summary of the movie: “North” centers on a young child with neglectful parents who chooses to break out from them and set out on a global quest to find better parents.

The Bittering Remark

Ebert expresses his displeasure with the movie without holding back. He highlights the fact that children don’t easily break away from their parents and labels the main notion as “deeply flawed.” The movie’s portrayal of the ultimate parental sin? At the dinner table, not looking at their child. Ebert analyzes peculiarities in the story, raising concerns about the meaning of some sequences and emphasizing how lighthearted or emotionally shallow they are.

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In summary

Ebert restates his opinions in the concluding paragraphs, giving readers a clear idea of whether or not “North” is worth seeing. His review acts as a guide for providing a clear-cut but powerful evaluation.

How to Write Your Review

After looking at a sample, it’s time for you to write your reviews of the movies. Keep in mind these essential components:

Engaging Hook: To get your readers interested, begin with a strong fact, quotation, or viewpoint regarding the film.
Synopsis of the plot: Give a brief synopsis of the movie’s plot without giving away any significant plot points.
Evaluate: Examine what functions well and what doesn’t. Talk about any noteworthy performances, directing, cinematography, and acting.
Personal Opinion: Summarize your overall suggestions before closing. Would you recommend the movie to others?


Is it okay to reveal plot details in my review?
Don’t give away too many story details, even though they must be discussed. Don’t overdo the details; just enough information should be provided to keep readers interested.

What is the ideal length for a movie review?
Aim for a review that is both brief and educational. 500–800 words is a decent range.

Shall I give the film a rating?
Although they are not required, if you do choose to rate something, use a scale (such as stars) to express how you feel overall.

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