Iratta Movie Review: A Tale of Twins and Turmoil Strong 2023

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Overview Iratta Movie Review

The storytelling techniques and captivating narratives of the Malayalam cinema industry have earned them a reputation. The new show “Iratta,” helmed by Rohit M G Krishnan, has drawn praise for its depiction of twins and the intricacies of their entwined existence.

Overview of the Plot Iratta Movie Review

The twin brothers DySP Pramod and ASP Vinod, whose lives drastically change after Vinod’s untimely death, are the subject of “Iratta.” The movie explores issues of childhood trauma, sibling rivalry, and the psychological effects of a fractured family.

Character Evaluation

Joju George proves his ability as an actor by giving a fantastic performance in two different parts. His representation of Vinod and Pramod is complex, with unique characterizations that give the story depth. Anjali, Sabumon Abdusamad, and the rest of the supporting characters add a lot to the film’s compelling plot.

Technical Mastery

Particular attention should be paid to “Iratta’s” technical features. The picture is made more suspenseful by Jake Bejoy’s background score, which also benefits from Vijay’s cinematography and Manu Antony’s editing. The suspenseful mood of the film is also greatly enhanced by Charles’ sound design.

Ideas and Phrases

The central theme of “Iratta” is the psychological effects of early events on adulthood. It’s a thought-provoking picture that deftly tackles themes of mental health and societal expectations.

In summary

“Iratta” sticks out as a skillfully written thriller that is more than just enjoyable. The deeper facets of interpersonal interactions and the wounds caused by traumatic experiences are encouraged for viewers to consider.


Which themes go through “Iratta”? The psychological ramifications of a dysfunctional family, childhood trauma, and sibling dynamics are among the main themes.

What is the contribution of Joju George’s performance to the movie? Joju George’s dual performance gives the movie an extra level of depth and skillfully captures the two brothers’ unique characteristics.

Does “Iratta” merit a viewing? Indeed, “Iratta” is a gripping thriller that gives more than simply tension; it offers an insight into the nature of the human mind and the effects of unresolved trauma.

Does the movie make any societal statements? “Iratta” gently addresses several social topics, including the significance of addressing childhood trauma and mental health awareness.

What contribution did the technical team make to “Iratta”? The technical team’s contributions, particularly in the areas of music, and film.

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